It is an IP address which is usually encountered in modems in Netgear and D-Link models. The default IP addresses of these modems are As it is understood, it is not always an IP address that you may encounter; therefore it is an extremely special and rare IP address. Since the IP addresses of the routers can be changed, only the IP address is used to prevent address conflicts.

How Do I Provide Access with

If you want to have access to the console of your router, that is to say the category of your modem, click on any browser you use to connect to the internet, type in the browser’s address line, and press Enter.

This entry will give you access to your router’s control panel. The IP address used by any device connected to the modem will be This may cause IP conflicts. To prevent this, multiple devices should not be assigned to the IP address of You can also obtain these settings from the control panel of your router.

It is possible to access the control panel by entering the default username and password information in front of you. In this panel, you can perform simple operations such as changing the password, changing the user name, and also performing qualified operations such as changing the IP address. To do this, click the Network button after entering the management panel. Then go to the LAN section to change your IP preference. The Problem of Providing Access

If you cannot provide input when you type in the address line of your browser, you may be experiencing a problem with your computer’s gateway. To get to the right access gate:

Start> cmd. And enter ”ipconfig / all“ on the resulting screen.

When you do this, a screen will appear. Check the accuracy of your IP address from this screen. If the IP address is correct ie, you are facing another problem. In this case, you may be experiencing an input problem from the previous settings of your modem. To eliminate this problem:

  • Press the button next to the Power button on the back of your modem for 15 to 20 seconds with the help of a toothpick or a pen. This will restore your modem to its factory settings. After this operation, all settings that have been edited will be reset automatically.

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