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When we connect internet to our home, our modems are provided to us via our operator. Therefore, the installation of these modems is also provided by an authorized service to be directed by our operator. However, since there is no longer a limit to the Internet receiving via a single operator, and because each of these transactions is a fee-demanding process, many of us provide internet transactions.

Various internet provider companies allow us to use non-committed Internet by using the infrastructure of known operators. Therefore, it is up to us to buy our modems. In such a case, it will be very important to install the modem.

  1. After you have provided your modem connection with your computer, open any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, type and press Enter. As soon as you perform this operation, a screen will appear in front of you. This screen is actually a screen that you will use to enter the interface of your modem.
  2. Username and password sections are left blank in the screen. In this field, the password and user name specified for your modem must be entered. As mentioned, you can access this information from the user manual in the device box. Once you have placed the information in the relevant fields, you can enter the interface by clicking the Sign In icon.
  3. After logging in, you can reach the category where wireless network settings will be made by clicking the button that says yap Wireless 3-. Then click the değiştir Wireless Network Name (SSID) tık button and change your existing password.

Operations are as simple as that. However, when creating a new Wifi password, you should also pay attention to:

  • Your password must be at least 8 characters long. So think like 8 letters or numbers.
  • If you really want to create a trustworthy password, you should use uppercase letters and include numbers in between. Thus, the possibility of forecasting will be eliminated and a reliable password will be created.
  • Another point to note is to create a password based on your internet speed. If the modem you are using supports dual bands, you will need to change the password of both the 2.5 GHz band and the 5 GHz wireless network. In fact, both of them connect to the same Internet, but this is a very technical situation. You can use different passwords as well as you can use the same password.

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