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Setup of the router is the correct definition of router settings. If this description is made in the wrong way or even data transfer is provided, there will be no possibility of using the Internet. So the internet connection will not occur. For this reason, your router admin setup should be carefully and carefully controlled.
Router configuration is not performed only when a new internet connection is received or a new modem is received. If your Internet service provider has changed or you have changed your modem, you will still need to make your router setup intact.

In order to install the routers, you need to know certain things or at least know the moment. Of course, the first thing to know is what the modem lights mean.

What Do Modem Lights Mean?

There are four different lights on your modem. Each of these four different lights expresses other meanings. First of all, you need to know these meanings so that you can find the source of the problem when the connection is not realized.

  1. Power Supply Light: The power supply light indicates the electrical connection in your home. Although it is electricity, it may not be burning due to a fault in the socket you are using.
  2. DSL Light: Is there any installed internet connection between your modem and computer and is a light source that allows you to see if there is internet connection.
  3. WLAN Light: Indicates whether a wireless internet connection is available. If the light is off, no wireless internet connection is provided. There is a problem with your service provider.
  4. Ethernet Light: Indicates whether data is being transferred between the cable between your computer and your modem. So if this light is off, the problem may be on your cable.

To install your modem, you must connect the cables on your computer to the corresponding points on the modem. Already on the cable is the location of the relevant field. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to find the correct locations of the cables. Similarly, the modem booklet contains the relevant places of the cables.

You will need to check the lights after the modem cables are connected to the appropriate location. To know the net data exchange between modem and computer, you need to reset your modem with zero. To do this, you must reach the small space next to the power button on the back of your modem, ie the cup. With the help of a pen, you must press the button and wait 15 to 20 seconds If the Power, DSL and Ethernet lights are on, you can start the modem installation without any problems.

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How to Setup Router Admin?

The router admin setup is performed in two ways. Either you need to install with CD or you can setup using WEB interface.

1- Installation with CD: If you have the modem installation CD and if you have it, you can install it by following the steps directed to you by placing it on your computer’s CD-bilgisayarROM. The file on the CD will guide you through every step. Therefore, the setup wizard will easily handle your modem setup process.

2- Installation with WEB Interface: If you do not have a modem installation CD, you have no choice but to follow the second route. To achieve this, you will first need to log in to your modem interface. You need to open your browser and use the modem’s IP address. The IP address of modems varies. This IP address, which differs according to each modem, is available in the modem booklet and on the internet. In general, you can access the interface of the modem with the IP address. You will need to fill in the username and password fields from the screen that appears. Usually user name is ”admin“ and password is ise admin ”.

After completing this information, you will now be logged into the interface of the modem

  • Click Quick Setup ”or” ADSL “button to select” WAN Settings “or ADSL Settings“.
  • The Protocol Settings field appears. You should choose PPPoE and / or PPPoA.
  • At this stage, the user name and password will be determined by yourself. In general, the user name is ”letter-number @ service-provider-name“. The password is composed of complex characters written on the back of your modem. You can change it yourself.( bknz) router password change
  • This way you can complete your modem setup. However, you should ensure your modem’s security and secure your internet connection after you have provided them. It will not take more than 2 minutes to complete these operations while still in the modem interface.

After you install the router for your internet security, you need to change your wifi password from wifi security settings.

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