Oneplus Buds Z Guide

Before making the necessary settings and connection to the device, you need to perform some checks. You must turn on notifications from your mobile phone’s settings and notification settings, your bluetooth and wifi must be turned on, and your mobile data must be turned on. These settings must be turned on beforehand in order to receive notifications during installation.

How To Pair Oneplus Buds Z?

Take the device out of the charging box. Make sure that your device’s charging case battery is full so that your device is charged. As soon as you open the cover, the oneplus buds will open automatically. Press the pairing button on the back of the charging box for 2 seconds, a white light will turn on on the box. Go to your Bluetooth settings and enter “0000” as the password. That’s it for the whole pairing process. The white light will turn off and the pairing will be completed.

For devices with quick pairing, there is no need to press the button on the back of the device. When you turn on the oneplus buds and bluetooth on your phone, it will prompt you to pair automatically. If you are not installing the device for the first time, you must first reset the device, then it will perform the automatic operation as if you are installing from scratch.

How to use functions and operations?

  • Answer a call: double-tap the touch area of the bud.
  • Hang up a call: double-tap the touch area of the bud.
  • Reject a call: tap and hold the touch area of the bud for 5 seconds.

While the music is playing, tap the right or left bud twice to switch to the next track. Of course, these settings can be customized through the application. In other words, you can customize all these functions via the application, such as pause, resume, switching to other parts, whatever you want to happen when you tap it as many times as is convenient for you.

The touch feature on the buds is only valid when you enter them. Other than that, let’s say these functions are invalid when you have them. Also, while the music is playing, let’s say you remove the earphones and the music will stop. If you wear it again within 3 minutes, it will continue from where it left off, if you don’t, the device will turn off. Then you have to play the music manually from the device and not automatically.

Quick Troubleshooting ways

We list what you can do for problems that you may have on your device. First of all, check whether the battery of your charging case is full, if not, charge it. Then charge the buds by placing them in the charging box.

  • Turn your device off and on
  • Check your wifi connection, check your wifi area width, if necessary, check your router settings.
  • Check if Bluetooth is turned on and check its settings.
  • Check if notifications are turned on for both the app and bluetooth and wifi. You can do this in the phone settings.
  • Upgrade your Oneplusz buds Z to the latest version.
  • As the last action, reset the device.

How to Reset Oneplus Buds Z

Put the buds in the charging box with the paper open. Press and hold the setup button on this button for 10 seconds. Press until the indicator button flashes red. When the red light flashes, release the button, it means your device has been reset. For re-installation, after charging the device, open the cover, the device will be on for pairing and the indicator lamp will flash white.

Note: What should you do if one of the buds is lost? You can buy a new bud. So does this work? Of course it works. Put the new bud you bought in your charging box with the other old one. Press and hold the setup button for 2 seconds so the two buds will be paired with each other.

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