The interface used in many types of modems used in homes and workplaces is one of the input IP addresses. Because it is an IP address of a broadband router, it is often used. This default access point is determined by the manufacturer and is subject to change at will.

If you want to make various adjustments to the personal settings of your modems, you will need to log in and manage your settings using this IP address. Therefore, it is very important how the IP address will be used. It is necessary to know its usage and to guide it accordingly.

Changing Wifi Password with

Repeat the steps to sort your wifi password and refresh your many more settings.

1- First, open the browser where you provided the internet connection. If your browser is directly connected to a search engine, edit this setting first if your Home Page is a search engine. Then, type in the address line and press Enter.

2- If you manage to log in, a screen will pop up and you will be asked for the username and password information. When you enter this information correctly, you are logged in to the interface of your modem. If the login screen has not been opened, there is probably an Antivirus program installed on your computer. First, you must disable this program or remove it from your computer. Your computer will be able to create a protection wall because you will be able to access the security settings.

3- If the login screen has been opened, fill in the fields and click Login. And edit all your settings by clicking on the Wireless Network button on the interface. Operations are as simple as that. Constraints

Each IP address has its own characteristics. But it is often used for some simple purposes. However, each IP address has its own limitations. For example, you cannot connect to a router outside your home network using the IP address Because you are facing a specific IP address and must have separate addresses to run both routers at the same time. The biggest limit of this IP address is the impossibility we are talking about. In spite of all these, you can easily adjust all your important settings with the method we mentioned.

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