Find Router IP Address

To make the security settings of your modems and personalize the modem, the information you need to know first is the IP address of the modem. The IP address is a gate data that differs by each modem. With this numerical value, it is possible to make any configuration of the modem.

The IP address of your modem is included in the user manual included in the modem box supplied when your modem is delivered to you. However, if you cannot find your device box, or if you have used this device on a second hand, you can learn the IP address with other methods.

  • Click Start first. Log in to find the Run button here. Then type ve cmd. In the appropriate field and press Enter.
  • A command line will appear in front of you. Type ipconfig fig into this command line and press Enter.
  • There are many commands and text on the screen. In these articles, he writes ‚ÄĚDefault Gateway” and encounters IP addresses. This is the IP address of your modem.

Below are the IP addresses of the most used router brands.

Actiontec Verizon
Airties RT206v2 (TTNET)
TP Link
ZyXEL 192.168.1.

info: Default Router Password Show

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